Every Wednesday

Time: 07:30pm

Place: St. Paul Miracle Temple C.O.G.I.C


No Auxiliary of the Women’s Department has done more in keeping the church together than the Prayer and Bible Band. It is the oldest auxiliary of the department and one of the favorites of our Late Mother Lizzie Robinson.

THE PURPOSE: The purpose of the Prayer and Bible Band is to train members to know their Bibles that they may become acquainted with the Word of God and help to lead others to right and righteousness. The principal objective is that Christ be in the hearts of God’s creation, His people and that our testimonies and attitudes will always be Christ honoring.

THE LEADERS RESPONSIBILITY: 1. You are responsible to see that every meeting begins on time. Also that you are there before other members arrive. 2. You are responsible to see that every meeting is well planned and service that will be interesting to those who will attend. 3. You are responsible for discipline of your group. 4. You are responsible for living a consecrated life and inspire others to follow in the steps of Jesus.

WHY HAVE A PRAYER AND BIBLE BAND? To perfect the helpful ministry into effectiveness and to help teach them what the Lord has called them to do. The prayer and Bible Band should provide these aspects: 1. Opportunities for expression: (A) in other services the take in – with little opportunity to give out. (B) In Bible Band they can give expression to truths learned in a practical way, by actually speaking forth the word of God is discussion, object lessons, or messages. 2. Bible Band groups are for training women: (A) How to love their husbands and children, and to care for them in God’s way. (B) How to work in the church and retain their femininity at all times. 3. Bible Band groups are organized for service: (A) in the church; (B) in the community; (C) wherever a woman’s service is needed.